Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Registration

How do I access the site to fill up the online registration application?

An applicant should log on to to access the home page of the online application payment and select “Conference Registration”.

When can I submit online registration application for delegate?

After registering and logging-in, an applicant should choose either “Paid-Delegate”, “Buyer-Seller-Meet”, “Exhibitor” or “Sponsor” options to register and pay online through the gateway.

Are there any detailed instructions to guide an applicant for submitting an online registration application?

Yes, an applicant must refer to the detailed instructions which are available online.

What should I do if there is lot of delay in accessing the page?

The delay in accessing the Page depends upon various factors like Internet Speed, large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore if you are not able to get the page for registration promptly, please retry after some time or during off-peak hours.

What information/ details/ items are required while filling the online registration application form?

The instructions/ items which are required to submit the delegate fee, photograph and signature have been explained in the FAQs given below. In addition to these, you should have the relevant information/ details for all the columns which are required to be filled up.

Is it necessary to fill up the details related to area pin code/phone No. with area code/ Mobile No./ e-mail?

It is advisable that these particulars may be filled up so that an applicant can be easily accessed/ contacted if required.

I have filled up only personal particulars of the application but have not paid. Will my application be rejected or not?

No, the application will not be rejected. The personal particulars will be saved and you can re-login and make payment later using the “Utilities” menu option. The unique Registration ID will be generated only after payment is made.

What is the procedure to pay the fee for delegate, sponsorship, exhibition, buyer-seller?

There are two options for the payment of fee-pay:

  • Pay by credit/debit Card or
  • Pay by Net Banking facility of your Bank.

I have successfully submitted the online application, should I send the print outs of the application by post?

Once an applicant has successfully submitted the application online, the same gets registered and the applicant is not required to send a hard copy of the print out of his/her application.

I am filling up the various columns in the application and the process of filling up the form is yet to be completed. I want to change the filled up information in one/ many columns. How should I do this?

After filling up the personal particulars, you have to click on “Calculate” so that the system calculates the amount payable, after consideration of discounts and taxes. On clicking “Pay Now” personal particulars are saved. Thereafter, no more changes are accepted by the system.

Acceptable photos
Size less than 50KB
Dimension not more than 400*400 px
File format: jpg/jpeg/gif/bmp/png

In case you have submitted the form successfully and later on you come to know that you have committed a grave mistake, then you should resubmit your form fresh duly correcting the errors/ omissions/ mistakes/ quality of photo or sign. However in this case you will have to make the requisite fee payment again and upload all details.

Whether the photograph should be in Black & white or should it be in colour?

Both are acceptable as long as they are as per the given specifications and quality of photograph is good enough to be identifiable and acceptable.

I did not receive the e-mail intimation for registration of my application? What do I do?

After the completion of the online application, a fresh page displays the message that the application has been submitted successfully. If you have given an email id, then the email is also automatically sent to you stating that you have successfully submitted your application.

I filled my form and successfully paid the application fee through online payment gateway (once or several times). However this is not showing in the application status. What should I do?

If you have paid through Debit / Credit card and Online Application again shows payment options to pay again then you have to pay a fresh.

How do I re-confirm that my application is saved and received?

The generation of the unique registration ID number and receipt of a confirmation mail indicates that the application has been registered.

What details should I retain after completion of successful submission of my form?

The participant is advised to keep his fee payment proof which might be required in case of any discrepancy.

Can I change the name of the delegate after submission of application?

No. Not possible

How to get refund of payment as I have made payment more than once towards its fee?

Please see refund page.

Do I require to send a hard copy of application after registering online?

No hard copy is to be sent.

Is it possible to edit my record submitted in my application?

There is no editing facility in the application. In case of any mistake in filling application, candidate is responsible. However, fresh application may be made for correction of earlier mistake.

I am unable to upload Photo in my application. What should I do?

Please check the properties of photo. Resize them as per specifications given in instructions for filling online application on the website itself within FAQ.