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Theme – Hydrocarbon and Beyond: Changing Landscape

The disconcerting reality of the 21st century is the continued dependence of the world economy on hydrocarbons as a source of energy. Despite the rapid technological development, which is definitive of the new millennium, we have yet to find a reliable, efficient and mass produced alternative to hydrocarbons. Even as global per capita consumption of petroleum products increases, bolstered by the rising living standards in emerging markets, the need for finding truly viable alternatives is paramount.

Every new alternative should stand the ultimate test of being able to balance sustainable energy solutions and assurance in terms of supplies. Investments which are otherwise long term in the capital intensive energy business, also need to be looked at from a broader framework probably with multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.

The theme of PETROTECH- 2012 - 'Hydrocarbon and Beyond: Changing Landscape' endeavored to raise the quality of debate and enabled answers that actually work in transforming the way our society consumes energy. It looked for answers beyond convention and solutions that promised to open new chapters. It tried to seek enlightened choices in the energy landscape through the most powerful force in the Universe the power of human imagination.

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Petrotech-2010 is the biggest-ever exhibition held to-date with more than 350 pavilions, over 200 of them from abroad. 10 pavilions are dedicated to countries. The exhibition has the minimum possible carbon footprints, with extensive use of eco-friendly materials like bamboos.