Details of Books and Knowledge Papers Released on the sidelines of PETROTECH-2016​

1)-“EYE ON INDIA ENERGY 2016”. Produced in collaboration with MEA, Invest India, Petrofed and FICCI

EYE ON India Energy 2016 report, realized in cooperation with MoP&NG, MEA, PetroFed, Invest India, and FICCI. The report highlights new policies like HELP, the opportunities of developing a gas-based economy and the nation’s commitment to source 40% of its energy from non-fossil fuels. It will be followed by the launch of a digital energy platform on India in the first half of 2017. To facilitate global access to information on India, both the report and the portal are accessible worldwide and free of charge.

2)-McKinney’s Knowledge Paper

McKinney released a knowledge paper titled ‘Transforming energy to transform India’. The paper models various energy scenarios for 2030 and lays a potential roadmap for the most favourable scenario for India, including action steps various stakeholders can take in an uncertain environment.

3)-First 100 days - by Ms. Shuva Raha

This is neither an autobiography nor history in hindsight. This is a kaleidoscope of Mr Subir Raha’s First 100 Days in ONGC, which were drastic, sweeping and relentless. Mr Raha says that the teams of ONGC, ONGC Videsh, MRPL and the Ministry – achieved many successes. He has written about his successes and unfinished projects, however, mentions that the team had reached a point when these targets were credible. Mr Raha worked on the manuscript till his last days, often dictating parts from his hospital bed in the ICU. He passed away before he could publish the book.

4)-Oil: Lighting up our lives by D.K. Taknet

Oil: Lighting up our lives unfolds a worldwide view of history of the discovery, development and uses of oil, the global oil industry, how the geopolitics of oil and its availability has transformed the fate of nations, and the multifaceted role that it plays in our everyday lives.