Summary of Session(Catalyst- Refining Margin Accelerators-2,TS-6, Hall-5)

Dr. Mohan Prabhu, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, India.

-- The indigenous developed ZSM-5 additives like, i-MAX premium. i-MAX ultra,i-MAX supreme, i-MAX value and i-MAX ACE and their functions were discussed.
-- Process for enhancing attrition resistance of both ZSM-5 additives and Bottom-Up-gradation additives, and its effect on the performance of catalyst was elaborated.
- Customization & commercialization of FCC additive in the refinery to have the flexibility in operation and to meet the specific objectives to maximum economic benefits were highlighted.

Mr. Chiranjeevi T, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India
--The process of removing olefins from aromatic stream with different clay materials at particular temperature and pressure was discussed.
--The bromine number reduction capacity of the different clay materials were correlated with their physico chemical properties.

Dr. A.K. Sinha, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India
-- Synthesis of Pt incorporated inside Sodalite cages (Pt@SOD) on Ni and Mo catalyst for triglycerides to hydrocarbons and Foots oil to naphthenic base oils was discussed.
--The sulfide catalyst showed improved catalytic activity compared to other conventional sulfided catalysts, under low hydrogen/feed ratio. It was also discussed that at low H2 concentrations the coke production was 75% less than the conventional hydroprocessing catalysts.